National Association of Black Accountant's Inc. - Los Angeles Professional Chapter

NABA History

Our Past
In 1969, NABA was established to address the unique challenges and limited opportunities African Americans faced in the accounting profession. In that year, there were 136 African American CPAs out of a total of 100,000 in the United States. Today, through the efforts of NABA and other interested groups, there are over 200,000 African Americans participating in the field of accounting, of which over 5,000 are CPAs.

Our Present
Today, NABA represents the interest of over 100,000 African Americans and other minority professionals in accounting, finance and other business disciplines. We are committed to do the following:

Promote Excellence
NABALA offers its members programs and services designed to identify and promote career opportunities, direct career management and transition, raise awareness to current issues affecting the accounting and related professions, expand technical skills and provide leadership opportunities.

Champion Diversity
NABALA plays an important and active role in helping the corporate community maintain diversity at all levels of employment by providing access to quality minority talent.

Collaborate In New Ways
NABALA provides unique opportunities for our constituents to collaborate and share best practices. We facilitate access to various networks including Fortune 1000 companies, Minority Owned Firms, certified business professionals and other professional organizations.

Lift As We Climb
NABALA works diligently to encourage and cultivate interest among minority youth in the accounting and finance professions, offering scholarships, mentoring, tutoring, leadership opportunities and career assistance. "LiftingaAs We Climb" is our motto and standard.

Our Future
NABALA will continue to work toward the day when African Americans and other minorities are well represented as leaders of influence in business.